Soft Coral Dives


Selected Soft Coral Dive Sites

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

USD $135 – 2-tank boat dive. Includes tanks and weight belts.

Quality gear hire available for FJD $40/day. Check-in is at 8:00 am. Dive departs at 8:30 am and returns at approximately 1:00 pm.

*Divers must be 12 years of age or older and open-water certified (junior certifications accepted). Minors must be accompanied by a certified parent or guardian. Site selection is dependent on present conditions.

Joe’s Best: This is one large pinnacle that has a giant swim-through covered in Soft corals. Blue Ribbon eels can be found here along with Lion fish and many other exotics, max depth is 20m.

Pearl Rock: This site consists of about six pinnacles in about 18m of water, all covered in beautiful soft corals. Average diving depth is around 14m, where the greatest intensity of soft corals is located. This means a long dive time is assured.

Glory Hole: This site consists of about three large coral pinnacles, covered from the start of the coral heads at 5m down to about 14m. Max depth is about 20m. There is a swim-through that has hanging soft corals in yellow and white. The coral heads have loads of purple and orange Antheas swimming around the soft corals, creating a great fusion of colors.

Carpet Cove: This site has a wreck located on it. It is a 33m-long old trawler in about 30m of water. This site is covered in soft corals, and barracuda are common. After 15 min. bottom time, you ascend up to the reef and swim around a number of coral heads that are covered in soft coral. Many of the exotics can be found here, such as Leaf Scorpion fish.

Seven Sisters: As the name implies there are seven coral pinnacles, all covered in soft corals and adorned with colorful reef fish from exotics to the more common Butterfly Fish and Moorish Idols. Max depth is 18m. Coral heads start at 5m, and the tops are littered with Anemone Fish and bright red soft corals.

Million Dollar Point: This is a shallow site for nice, long dives at 16m max. Colors are intense due to shallowness of the site, making for a very good location for photography. Soft coral colors here cover the full spectrum of the rainbow. Very beautiful.

Frogs Leap: This site is on the outside of the lagoon, so it is predominately a hard coral site. Large plate corals adorn the reef. This locale provides the chance to see some larger fish swim by. There's usually no current, so this is also a great site for beginners Big drop off nearby means these corals are well fed and large. Max depth 20m.

Soft Coral Plateau: This site has long gullies that run down the reef and finish at coral heads and a wall. There are lots of soft corals here, and also plenty of small, exocit critters bustling about the gullies. Small white tip reef sharks can be seen here. Overall, this is an easy dive with lots to see.

photo by Bruce Rasner

photo by Bruce Rasner