Our Mission


Protect, Conserve, & Educate

We here at Aqua-Trek have always been passionate about providing an unforgettable dive experience for our loyal customers, and with that passion comes a mission to conserve and protect the marine life and ecosystem.

Our team of Fijian dive masters has a unique connection with the sharks based on love and respect. Fijians traditionally believe that they are protected by the Shark God Dakuwaqa, the guardian of the reef entrance to the islands and one of the most well known gods in Fijian legend. It is said that Dakuwaga frequently changed himself into the form of a shark and traveled around the islands to protect Fiji’s people from harm when fishing or swimming. For that reason, we like to think of sharks as friends, keepers of the ocean, and critically important apex predators.

Aqua-Trek pioneered shark diving in Fiji over 25 years ago off Mana island, and after setting up shop in Pacific Harbour in 1998, we formed the Aqua-Trek Fiji Shark Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Program. Since then, we have worked closely with the Fijian government and various local villages to help protect reefs within Beqa Lagoon, and as of 2006, Shark Reef, Lake Reef, and the barrier reef system connecting the two have been declared Marine Protected Areas by the national government. Each diver who attends the shark dive pays a levy which goes directly to the local village of Wainiyabia to help with village education programs and community improvement. Additionally, many members of the Aqua-Trek team come from Wainiyabia. We are proud to say that our efforts helped to establish the first combined shark conservation and sustainable tourism program in Fiji.

The Aqua-Trek Fiji Shark Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Program has since evolved to tackle another problem that threatens the beautiful Fijian marine ecosystem: shark fishing. Sharks are apex predators, and their existence helps keep the entire marine ecosystem in balance, so the ongoing worldwide diminishment of the shark population puts the environment at risk. Since the development of the shark dive in 1999, we have been campaigning to ban shark-finning and the sale of shark products in Fiji. We are still working towards this goal today.

Our ultimate objective is to make sharks worth more alive than dead, and that starts with a successful sustainable tourism program, a continual pursuit of legislation that helps to protect and conserve them, and of course, the wonderful opportunity we have to educate visitors and locals alike on the power and importance of a healthy marine environment. That's where you come in. Be sure to check out our different dive options, as well as our various dive courses. We look forward to seeing you. Come dive 'Fiji style.'