Frequently Asked Questions

On what days is our Ultimate Shark Encounter dive offered?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

On what days is our Soft Coral dive offered?

Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. 

What is the water temperature and what exposure protection will I need?

There are two distinct seasons for diving: summer (November - April) and winter (May - October). During the summer months water temperature lies in the 80°F - 85°F range (27°C - 30°C) and a lycra divesuit or a shortie is recommended. During winter the water temperatures are in the 75°F - 80°F range (24°C - 27°C), and a 3 mm or 5 mm wetsuit is recommended. 

What time do the dive trips depart and return to the resort? 

The boats start loading at 8:30 to 8:45 AM. After two dives–with a surface interval–the boats arrive back at the resort at approximately 1:00 to 1:30 PM for a late lunch and a relaxing afternoon. Guests should meet at the Dive Center at 8:15 am to prepare for the dives. 

How is our dive equipment organized before and after the dives? 

Guests' equipment will be assembled, checked and loaded by the dive staff prior to their arrival in the morning. At the end of the trip all gear will be rinsed, disinfected, dried and stored at the Dive Center. There will be a camera rinse bin ready upon your return, and over lunch you may want to leave your camera and video gear rinsing. If you are not bringing your own gear, we have for rent a large selection of Seaquest BCDs, Sherwood regulators, wetsuits, masks and fins at reasonable rates. We have a multi-system video unit for those wishing to replay the day's recordings.

Can I take my non-diving partner on the dive boat? 

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate non-divers as we are usually full to our Marine Survey limit with divers. Also, the dive sites are generally unsuitable for snorkeling due to the depth and current. Furthermore, if the water is rough the boat passenger may become seasick, making the wait for the divers most unpleasant. For non-divers, we offer snorkeling in Beqa Lagoon.

When are afternoon or night dives scheduled? 

Afternoon and night dives are run, weather and tide permitting, when there are four or more guests interested. Generally speaking the diving conditions tend to be rougher in the afternoons, and at night we must be careful with tidal currents. Please check with the dive staff as to whether conditions are suitable. Night dives can be extremely memorable due to the soft and hard coral feeding enhanced by the emergence of nocturnal fauna.