Cultural Tours

Fiji's culture is a rich mosaic of indigenous, Indian, Chinese and European traditions. Fijian indigenous society is very communal, with great importance attached to the family unit, the village, and the vanua (land). A hierarchy of chiefs presides over villages, clans, and tribes. For those seeking to experience Fiji's ancient culture first-hand, Aqua-Trek offers traditional village trips that give our guests a friendly insight into Fijian life, customs and crafts.

Village and Waterfall Excursion: A short boat trip up the Navua River brings guests to a beautiful waterfall only a five minute walk from the boat. Guides can help the more adventurous visitors make it up to the bigger falls. After a visit to the waterfall, the boat will take guests to a local Fijian village, where they will be treated to the experience of a tradtional chiefly kava ceremony followed by a Fijian meke dance performance. After a tour of the village, guests enjoy a delicious Lovo meal prepared by the village women in a underground lovo oven. Price includes transfers from Pacific Harbour.

Cost: USD $90 per person