Get to know our travel team: Ultimate Fiji Vacations


Anyone that dives at Aqua-Trek can attest to the fact that it’s our team that makes the experience. Our friendly and experienced divemasters are the very people that allow us to continually offer such a one-of-a-kind dive experience. And when it comes to our U.S.-based travel team at Ultimate Fiji Vacations, the same attentive friendliness applies.

Our passion at Aqua-Trek is to instill a sense of wonder, appreciation, and reverence for the marine environment that we feel every time we descend into the deep blue, and our travel team likes to think that wonder and appreciation doesn’t stop on your final ascent—we want your entire trip to inspire you.

Which is why we have done (and continue to do) the painstaking, tireless job of traveling around Fiji, Tonga, and Vanuatu to find the best of everything that the South Pacific has to offer.

In one word, our travel team is curious: curious to seek out the best of the best, curious about the unusual and the authentic, and, most of all, curious about what our guests are looking for in their dream trip.

We have a passion for curating experiences that allow people to leap outside the normalcy of their everyday lives, and we have a knack for helping each person get what they want out of their time in the South Pacific—be it a dive with our team at Aqua-Trek, a unique cultural experience, or a hammock to call your own.

Though we’ve been in the business of cultivating South Pacific adventures for some time now, we assure you that your trip will be anything but “been there, done that.”

Maryanne Hines